Saturday, May 3, 2008


Chicken Roast

Puff your plume in anger and fight, cock,

delight the owner of knife

smear sting with pollen and flap your wings.

As I said: Twist the arms and keep them bent

Roll the rug and come down the terrace after disturbed sleep

Shoe boots ….rifle….whirring bullets….shrieks

The aged undertrial in the next cell weeps and wants to go home

Liberate me ... let me go... let me go home.

On its egg in the throne the gallinule doses

Asphyxiate in dark... fight back, cock, die and fight, shout with the dumb.

Glass splinters on tongue….breast muscles quiver

Fishes open their gills and en fog water

A piece of finger wrapped in pink paper

With eyes covered someone wails in the jail house I cant make out if man or woman.

Keep this eyelash on left hand palm…blow off with your breath

Fanout snake-hood in mist .... Cobra’s abdomen shivers in the hiss of femme urination.

Deport to crematorium stuffing blood-oozing nose cotton wool

Shoes brickbats and torn pantaloons en litter the streets

I smear my feet with the wave picked up from a stormy sea

That is the alphabet I drew on for letters.

(Translation of ‘Murgir Roast)1988


Circumcision made me apostate

I thumped thighs and turned Tartar

The king will go and evil eves raped

Just as tutored Nadir Shah

I’d kiss the sword and leap in air

On galloping mare a burning torch

I proceed towards falling outposts

The metropolis burns

A naked priest elopes with Shiva’s phallus.

(Translation of ‘Palta Manush’) 1985


Who claims I am ruined? Since I’M without fangs and claws?

Are they necessary? How do you forget the knife

plunged in abdomen up to the hilt? Green cardamom leaves

for the buck, art of hatred and anger

and of war, gagged and tied Santhal woman pink of lungs shattered

by a restless dagger?

Pride of sword pulled back from heart? I don’t have

Songs or music. Only shrieks, when mouth is opened

Wordless odor of the jungle; corner of kin and sin-sanyas;

didn’t pray for a tongue to take back the groans

power to gnash and bear it, fearless gunpowder bleats:

stupidity is the sole faith---maimed generosity---

I leap on the gambling table, knife in my teeth ...Encircle me

rush in from tea and coffee plateaux

in your gumboots of pleasant wages

The way Jarasandha’s genital is bisected and diamonds glow

Skill of beating up is the only wisdom

In misery I play the burglar’s stick like a flute

Brittle affection of the wax-skin apple

She-ants undress their wings . ....before copulating

I thump my thighs with alternate shrieks: vacate the universe

get out you omni competent

conch shell in scratching monkey-hand

lotus and mace and discus-blade Let there be salt rebellion of your own saline sweat

along the gunpowder let the flint run towards explosion

Marketeers of words daubed in darkness

In the midnight filled with young dog’s grief

In the sick noon of a grasshopper sunk in insecticide

I reappear to exhibit the charm of stiletto.

(Translation of ‘Prastuti’) 1985


I am on mobike Yezdi Yamaha

When flanked by horizon gallop backwards through sand blizzard

tinsel clouds explode at my feet without helmet

and speed-split air at eighty

in midsummer' s moon

each sound-cart recedes

onrushing lorries flee in a flash

no time to brood but Yes

accident expected anytime

may even turn into a junk-heap in a drought-nursed field.

(Translation of ‘Motor Cycle) 1986

Repeat Uhuru

Hood-covered face, hands tied

at the back. On the alter plank

breeze frozen in bitter hangman’s odour

who computes time? Doctor Cop Judge Warden or None?

I unfurl myself in the dungeon cloud

where salt-sweating history of dirt is tamed

the rope quivers fast at first

weak jerks thereafter calm , with dumbness of bowl

wherein birds and butchers repeat their fall

I revive my rise

The rising is singular. Non other than the monster of words

whose feet adore the ruined universe

I don’t face the gallows every time to keep alive

a dynasty of those who are spawned for death.

(Translation of ‘Aarekbar Uhuru’) 1986


I am ready to be mugged O deadly bat come

Tear off my clothes, bomb the walls of my home

Press trigger on my temple and beat up in jail

Push me off a running train, intern and trail

I am a seismic yantra alive to glimpse the nuke clash

A heathen mule spermed by blue-phallus stallion.

(Translation of ‘Monuhyatantra’) 1986

The Light

I get a thud-kick in pitch dark thick on belly and tumble

Hands tied at the back on damp floor shack to humble

Lights flash on face eyes blind in case I spin

Then lights go off a boot or two rough on chin

I feel blood drips and snail down the lips in trickle

The glare blinks on and off and on and off in ripple

A hot metal rod scalds hard breast broad to snip flesh warm

The lights hem in piercing thin a ruthless swarm

Red eyes get shut in blinding rut my vision erode

Final blackout in grisly rout in elliptic node

I prepare my grit to encounter the hit as a fightback code.

(Translation of ‘Aalo’)1985

Classic Fraud

Classic fraud get down from palanquin

I’ve quit the job of a slave

A chopper now seethes from waist up to shin

It’s not a free kitchen to be in the queue with an enamel tin

O virgin money come crisp and rave

Green-frock butterfly in the unemployed’s land

Swoosh and jingle in a parachute. And

Cops keep a watch and censor my letters

Heavenly boss---how long in fetters

I’ll spring up on all fours and snip your neck

Climb the corn shack and wave

Henna-dyed hair on a hay-staired deck. Well!

Classic fraud come down on your own or face hell.

(Translation of ‘Dhrupadi Jochchor’)1986


Regaining consciousness in a trickle

Hands and feet tied and mouth gagged on a railroad track

The silent whole

Shirt and trousers daubed in dew

Whining crickets drone

A rural gloom studded with night-chilled stars

Can’t shout as mouth is wool of spew

Ribs and shinbone smitten---not possible to move

Stiff stone chips bite at back

How beautiful is the world and peace everywhere all round calm

A pinhead light is rushing on the route piercing the one-eyed dark.

(Translation of ‘Pratyaksha’)1986

House Arrest

I kick the door planks and reveal a midnight yell

Whoever’s home I’ll break it open.

Take care of your deity, your woman, gold and slaves

False documents, Henceforth the hearth is mine

Throw off your things on the road when day breaks.

Summer from corn, coconut shadow from doormat,

afternoon clouds from clothes

Affection from jewels and hunger from dinner utensils

Kick them all out through the main entrance as a token.

Not arrested now as there are many more in line.

(Translation of ‘ Baridakhal’) 1986


While returning I’m hemmed in. By six or seven. All

Have weapons. I knew it when I came

Something bad was going to happen. But framed

My mind that first attack would not be from my call.

A mugger holds the shirt-collar and blurts: Want a dame?

Why here? Mama and not in chawl?

I keep my cool, teeth on teeth. Right then a blow on chin

Feel the hot blood lather.

A jerk and I sit down. In my socks I spin.

A stainless knife beams in halogen shadow

Rama inscribed on one side and Kali on other.

The crowd disperses. Power in the name of gods

Not known to all. Why are men jinn

Why don’t they love the lover? The six or seven encircling me

Withdraw mysteriously.

(Translation of ‘ Dotana’) 1986

Uncle Chapter


Hey you Pandava Chap Yudhishthira

Climb down from your multi storied flat and come in the lane

Brihg Krishna Bhima Nakula and other lackeys

Daggers hockey sticks soda water-bottles and iron chains

Tell Draupadi to have a glimpse from the sill

I’m weaponless alone

Dhrishtadumna Duryodhana not with me

I donated my forefinger at your behest when I was young

Your victory-cry will now be ripped open

Unchain the bitch of mahaprasthana and fight me

I’ll fight left-handed yet won’t budge

Call me mugger and call me lumpen

I’ll fall on the footpath with frothing lips

Speeding mules will emboss their hooves on my back

You’ll flay my navel with broken blade

Press cigarette butts on my arse

Bludgeon my ribs with a wool=covered mace

But I’ll show you

I’ll rap my feet on the ground and put a halo around the earth.

(Translation of ‘Meshomashay Parba’)1986


Midnight knock at the pin drop door.

You have to replace a dead undertrial.

Shall I put on a shirt? Gulp a few morsels?

Slip off through the terrace?

Door-planks shatter and wall plaster flakes

Masked men enter and enflank

“What’s the name of that squint-eyed guy

Where’s he hiding?

Speak up, or come with us !”

I choke in terror: Sir, yesterday at sunrise

He was lynched by a mob.

(Translation of ‘Astitwa’) 1985

Throne of the Weevil

O antsucker tongue of the shy mammal

delighted in one-horned matrimony

terrestrial aqua and aerial

host-beast of the smuggler moll

ruminant antelope

earth roamer water-cat the perfumed bitch

ate up the sonorous black hole and established

a slave kingdom in this ditch.

(Translation of ‘Ghunpokar Singhasan’) 1986

From ‘Jakham’

Awning ablaze with toxic fire above me

I lie watching the winged blue of this crawling sky

putting down the crushing anger of my suffering

I cross exam my nocturne doubts

pushing a gramophone needle over the lines of my palm

I scan the prophecy

armature on the left turned slag long ago

now eye flesh twitching in the smoke of malay’s burning skeleton

dismantled tempests sweep by at 99mph

uniform queues of wrist wathched zombies tattle trade cyclic seine

a swinging bat threatened me in this black dungeon

800,000 doorless jamb stare for eternity over the liquid meadow

16 division ravens whirl around my torso for 25 years

my bones reel clutching my raw wounds

my peeled flesh blood

flaying my skin I uncover arrogant frescoes of my trap

ageless sabotage inside the body

patrolling darkness in the hemoglobin

I’m deciding what to do with me now

I’ve inherited emergent vengeance polished for 6000 years

tugging at man’s insensibility scraping old plaster of my skin

fingernails look magnanimous after the meal

people are returning home on tortoise back

failing to search out my heart in my body

man training man the fair-spoken codes of war & hospitality

gathering fallen limbs from the torso we’ve to retreat to

I lie lazily closing both eyelids wrapped in sun flakes

coked reeks conspiring in my veins turned loose


from the vapour of brain’s angry kernel

technicoloured nitrocellulose oozes over dreamlined retina

letters of sympathy heaped against half closed futureless door

my black muscles rust

equally true corpses of geniuses & fool... slime simultaneously into earth

each woman is waiting with a conversion chart in her desolate womb

Gandhi & Attila’s equichemical blood

streams through my same veins

nothing happens to me... nothing will happen to this earth either

neither could I practice usury like the rest of mankind

nor shoot dice made of human bones

seeds floating in air try to slouch roots

into my unfertile sweatbeads

I dreamt of my failure in Bumghang’s apple orchard

I couldn’t choose the luxurious comfort of an insect

sleeping in the cushioned kitchen of a corn’s kernel

I’ve been spitting inside my body for the last 25 years

scraping off from mirror’s knave mercury self-savior imprints of my violent face

each & all having a certificate from the burning-ghat doctor

for their performance of duty until last breath

2000 hounds released from out of my skull

haunting me for 25yrs

sniffing the alleys trod by women I advance toward their

amateur abode

my heart-lump split open in terror

when I looked at footprints on dark pavement

sounds of dripping sand have evoked my skin pores

my spine burnt smoke billow through chimneys of skin

ants drag flesh copses through moth made clay veins

damn barefoot amid sea gulf I proceed

to sullen den of vultures

I’ve experienced magic simultaneously of food

concealing envious tints of blood & pus

perverse sugarcane brain sucks

liquid philanthropic dirt out of earth

my Dirt my Love my Blood

clouds drift by like pieces of discarded bloodseained cloth

I now recall Bluegirl’s sick left tit….

Vibrating with heart’s feeble flutter

Life’s whacklings are to be endured until death

with a dumb tongue

a blazing mantle hangs in place of my heart machine

plus-minus signs and compasses with broken needles

stream through my arteries

rifle’s dazzling nozzle & diesel-roller sleep

in iron-ore of earth

and stored deep down in zink’s brain

newspapers’ Yes & newspaper’s No

my feet do not realize

I’m controlling their speed & direction

I’m not sure if I’ll have to become unworldly

paying excise with an untransferable woman

I gloomed all through the winter forging my own signature

was born not wanting to be born

now without unlacing my shoes

I want to plunge into the glow less dark

everybody is making arrangements for Tomorrow

shoes are having sympathetic polish this evening

only for Tomorrow

yet even circular roads get hold of man’s legs

one day or the other

lusting for limbs 303 greased cartouches

stashed in new pineboxes rush up to frontiers of countries

2510 years after Buddha sprawled on Gandhi-lawn

model-’65 leftover shoes & umbrellas of cop & non-cop clashes

in the warehouse of cocaine & counterfeit money

Indian & Chinese citizens mirth together in ecstasy

I had lifted a 5-paise coin from a blind beggar’s palm

I had looted benevolent money of hearse-corpses

Out of parched groin

crossed death-panic on a boat not knowing how to swim

I may be censored I can not be disregarded

(Translation of ‘Jakham’)1965

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