Friday, May 28, 2010

Malay with wife Shalila in Holland

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swati said...

Dear Malay kaku

I am sure you would not recognise me by any chance. I am the youngest daughter of your childhood friend Barin. You had come for my marriage in Calcutta too in 1999.
While surfing the net on Bengali Literature I stumbled upon this blog. So thought of leaving a comment.


Nihar Ranjan said...

Hello Sir,

I just came across your post (comment) on regarding the Hindi translation of your work by Rajkamal Chaudhary. I have recently expanded information on his wikipedia page

As you will notice the information about his involvement with the Bhookhi Peedhi movement is scant and had been put up someone else before I took to add details about his work earlier this year. Since I have very little information about the his role in your movement, If you could please provide me any details about that, I would be really grateful. I would add the same in the Bhookhi Peedhi section of the page. If you have his translated work of your poem, that would be really nice. I can add that to Rajkamal Chaudhary's page as well as your page and also on relevant Hindi Wikipedia pages with your reference. Please use my email address for further correspondence.

Thank you in advance.


Nihar Ranjan

Duronto Somoy said...

I wanted the meaning of the Word ILLOT. Can you please ask your grandfather? A bengali proverb, SOBHAB JAI NA MORLE, ILLOT JAI NA DHUILE. what is the meaning of illot here?

thank you.